A big thank you after our successful charity music event

It’s fair to say our Remembrance Day charity music event was a resounding success. Thanks to the generous support of you all, we raised £1,000.


It’s fair to say our Remembrance Day charity music event was a resounding success. Despite having 20 different music acts performing, it was a mostly smooth transition every half an hour.

The crowd of people was consistent throughout the day and it was a great atmosphere. We were thrilled to have the Mayor and Mayoress of Wirral turn up to support the day, and they stuck around for a couple of hours.

Mayor and Mayoress

Of course, most important of all was the fund-raising for Friends of Grange Hill and Help the Heroes. Thanks to the generous support of you all, we raised £1,000.

We performed the raffle draw on the night, but of course, not everyone who bought tickets was still around at the time. As such, even is a list of all the prize winners:

  1. Snacks Billy
  2. Warren
  3. Ann Ennis
  4. Alan Rodgers
  5. Rob Thompson
  6. Lynn & Jeff
  7. Smidge
  8. Paul Leyland
  9. Tania
  10. Etta Newall
  11. Howie
  12. Snacks Billy
  13. David
  14. John Costello
  15. Moss
  16. Liz Lewis
  17. Tony Wolfe
  18. Smidge
  19. Jim
  20. Rose Jones
  21. Rob Saint
  22. Andy Gibson
  23. Chris Leyland
  24. Lynn & Jeff
  25. Denise
  26. Neil Sherbrooke
  27. John Oldham
  28. Lindy Corrigan
  29. Sue Longman
  30. Wagon Driver Mike
  31. William Jones
  32. Gary Price
  33. Kate Carlisle

We’d also like to thank all the businesses who generously donated prizes for the raffle. This includes: Dransfields , The VikingAndresWrogue for Men and Wrobe for Women, A I Roberts Butchers, KuKu Hair & Beauty, The Front RoomJenny Dunlop ArtBrand DesignsAubergine, The NookRoost Home Living, Anais Interiors, Le Bizz, Marigolds, The TeeRoom, the One Stop Shop, Larry Adams, Lifestyle Outlet and Staacks.

And last, but certainly not least, a massive thank you to all the acts who gave up their free time to come and support the event: The Sing Me 50-piece choir, John Kennedy, Wirral Ukulele Fanatics, Richard Roberts, Tone Junkies, Lucy Mayhew, The Smile Forecast Duo, Tom Pitts, The Shed Brothers, Nice and Easy, Stolen Property, Tuppenny Piece, The Decades, The Homebirds, The Vitals, Full House, Jefferson Milkfloat, Joe-Daniel Bennett, Alan Rogers, Eden floral design and Insanity Beach.

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